Blick auf Aremberg, © Werner Dreschers
  • Distance: 27.7 km
  • Duration: 7:30 h
  • Difficulty: medium

Auf den Spuren der Fürstin Margaretha | On the traces of Princess Margaretha


The hiking route leads from Aremberg via Kapellenstrasse towards the state border of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lommersdorf. From Kapellenstrasse you have a beautiful view of the Nürburg and the Nürburgring. The path continues past the Guardian Angel Chapel. After World War II, bread from the surrounding villages was blessed in the chapel once a year. At the state border of North Rhine-Westphalia, hike up to the right via the K7 district road into the state forest. At the forester's house Gierscheid the path goes left into the valley along the Gierscheidsseifen to the Dreisbach. At this intersection there is a seating area that invites you to picnic. To the right, the path leads along the Dreisbach, past a beautiful pond. Then comes a crossroads where you go half left up towards Wershofen. Below the sports field, the path leads out of the forest to the L74 road. Go right to Wershofen. In Wershofen turn right into Nordstraße to the Hotel Kastenholz where a large game reserve can be viewed. Here the path crosses the L74 again. In the direction of Kottenbornerstraße to the Kottenborner Chapel. From here you have a very good all-round view. When the weather is nice, to Cologne Cathedral. Here, too, a seating area invites you to picnic. The hiking trail leads past the chapel, across meadows through the forest, downhill towards Laufenbacher Hof. Once at the bottom, the path crosses the L73 and the Dreisbach until just before the tunnel. From here it goes uphill to the right, on the left you can see the village of Fuchshofen. The path continues to the meadows of Eichenbach. On the right you can see Wershofen and Ohlenhard, after a few 100 m there is a beautiful open hiking hut on the left. There are information boards on which the native animals from the region can be seen. After approx. 400 m there is a chapel, from here you can see Eichenbach. There is no cell phone connection in town, regardless of the network. Whoever wants to have peace is right here. Past the restaurants, the path turns left into Meisenweg in the direction of Antweiler. Halfway up the path you can see Reifferscheid and Winnerath on the left. We continue down the Beech Avenue to Antweiler past the Fürstin-Margaretha-Schule. After 100 m the path goes right up to the starting point in Aremberg. Halfway there is another beautiful view, left up past a chapel to Aremberg, where the Burgschänke again invites you to linger.

Aremberg - 10.1 km Wershofen - 10.5 km Eichenbach - 4.3 km Antweiler 3.0 km Aremberg

All the local gastronomic establishments have been awarded the | Wanderbaren Deutschland seal of quality and thus guarantee a high level of quality.

The route is consistently marked with the trail logo.

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Marking of the tour:

  • foerdervereinburgruine-arenberg-e_v, © Förderverein Burgruien Arenberg e.V.
  • Wegelogo Fürsten-Margaretha-Weg, © TI Hocheifel Nürburgring
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More information about this route

Start: Aremberg

Destination: Aremberg

Distance: 27.7 km

Duration: 7:30 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 714 m

Descent: 717 m

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