• Distance: 73.9 km
  • Duration: 14:49 h
  • Difficulty: medium

Auf den Spuren alter Mühlen | On the trails of old mills


A suitable starting point for the 69-kilometer multi-day route is the historic market square of Adenau.

The hike first leads through Kollengasse to Leimbacher Mühle, 3 kilometers away. This grain mill was mentioned in Leimbach as early as 1216, the last miller of which died in 1980. However, it continues today. The hike continues to the Bierenbach, 1.5 kilometers away, which flows below the village of Leimbach. There is an old oil and fulling mill, the "Birnbachsmühle", which is mentioned in the documents of the former Nürburg office with lease payments for the watercourse as early as 1728.

About 4.5 scenic kilometers of hiking trail you reach the Hahnensteiner mill, which is known as the most important of the Kurkölnische mills already appeared in the lease documents in 1556. However, today's mill building was built in 1729. The last miller at the Hahnensteiner Mühle died in 1984. Since then, they have only been crushed there. A visit to the mill is possible by appointment. The hike continues to Schuld, 4.5 kilometers away, to the 17th century Schulder Mühle, which once belonged to Cologne's cathedral capital. The Daubiansmühle, which was first mentioned around 1600 in the chronicle of Aremberg Castle, is located 3.5 kilometers further on Armutsbach. The former grain mill has been converted into an inn since 1928.

The hike continues through the beautiful nature of the Eifel for 7 kilometers in the direction of Hümmel to the Wennefelder Mühle, which was built in 1878 with two overshot water wheels. This mill was in operation until 1953. The Hümmeler Mühle is 2.5 kilometers away from there. It was also equipped with two overshot waterwheels and was shut down in 1953.

9 kilometers further in Eichenbach you will find the "Dreisbachsmühle", located on the stream of the same name, which was first mentioned in 1583 in lease documents. Originally known as the Herzoglich Arenbergische Mühle, the flour mill was in operation until the end of the 19th century. Further "On the trail of old mills" the hiker comes to Antweiler, 5.5 kilometers away, where two old mills can be found. The Antweiler Mühle, formerly owned by the Duke of Arenberg, had its origins in 1515.

In 1686 the grain mill was renewed with two undershot water wheels, and in 1913 the old building was replaced by a new one. A turbine was installed and is still used today to generate electricity. This mill can also be visited by appointment. The second of the Antweiler mills is the Antweiler Lohmühle "Auf Brogh", which belonged to a tannery on the premises of the former Herzoglich Arenbergische brewery. Via Rodder, the path leads hikers to Wirft, 8 kilometers away. There is the Dreimüllershof Mühle built in 1908 for grain grinding, which was expanded every 10 years - including a small sawmill.

The mill, which operated with an overshot water wheel, was equipped with a Francis cross-flow turbine very early on. The mill was closed in 1967 and the hiking route winds its way through the village of Barweiler for another 5 kilometers to the Barweiler mill.

Built in 1811 as an oil mill and converted into a grain mill in 1855, this mill worked with an overshot water wheel. The next stop is the Kottenborn mill, 2.5 kilometers away. The mill, built in the 18th century and first mentioned in 1728 in the old lease books, was shut down in 1954. Through the town of Kottenborn, past Wimbach, you can reach Quiddelbach over 7.5 kilometers of hiking trails with wonderful views. The mill, already mentioned in 1728, was in operation until 1935. Until 1940 it was used for the owner's family's own needs, after which the mill was finally shut down. From the Quiddelbacher Mühle, it goes 5 kilometers past the Exmühle in Breidscheid back to the starting point of the hike, the historic market square of Adenau. The route is consistently indicated with the trail logo.

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Along the route

Historic centre of Adenau

Marktplatz Häuserzeile, © Stadt Adenau

Historical marketplace of Adenau
In addition to examples of old timbered houses, this is also where you will find Adenau’s oldest house dating from the year 1630.

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Heimat-, Zunft- und Johannitermuseum Adenau

Ansicht Museum, © TI Hocheifel-Nürburgring, Sebastian Schulte

Local history and guild museum.
The Heimat-, Zunft- and Johannitermuseum in Adenau is an insider tip for all friends of the traditions and the old craftsmanship.

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Parish Church St. John the Baptist Adenau

Seitenansicht Pfarrkirche St.Johannes der Täufer, © TI Hocheifel-Nürburgring

The parish was first mentioned in 1202 with its Church of St. John the Baptist.

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Gillig Mühle

AnnoEwaldGillig, © TI Hocheifel-Nürburgring, Ewald Gillig

Of the many former mills on the Oberahr now exist only a very few. One of these mills is the mill Gillig in Antweiler.

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Adenau, Ex Mühle



Distance: 73.9 km

Duration: 14:49 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 1,293 m

Descent: 1,293 m

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